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Have you ever went to Amazon and saw a 4.9 rating on a product with hundreds of reviews? Did that influence your buying decisions? If you’re anything like me, the answer is YES. Text reviews are super powerful in the buying decision, but they could be a little inflated at times.

However, with a video testimonial or case study there is no denying its authenticity. You’re able to see the person’s directly, their expressions and the emotion they have for the product or service. Once customer story video has the equal if not more clout than dozens of written testimonials/reviews.

When crafted well, a customer story video tells a compelling story about your customer’s journey and their personal experience working with you. It’s designed to specifically resonate with the target audience of the business.

The first step when we work with clients is to first identify the core target markets and demographics. Once we’ve done that, the next step is to have existing customers that fit the persona, who are articulate and have had a positive experience with the business.

That individual is then the basis of a customer story video. Their unique experience is then crafted through interviews, testimonials and compelling visuals specifically or predominately of them in the video.

The videos can range from one to four minutes depending on the complexity of the story, intended goals and the platform it’s going to be marketed on.

Customer story videos are great to market on your homepage, a dedicated page testimonial page on your site, on service pages on your site, throughout social media, landing pages, retargeting, Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, and your email marketing.

Why do I need a Customer Story Video?

Customer story videos are incredibly powerful on connecting with your audience on a deeper level than you’re able to. It’s great for your talk about your company but it’s even better for someone else to speak on your behalf. Customers expect you to say that you’re service is great and you’re dedicated to creating a great experience, but it’s significantly more powerful to hear that from someone that has gone through your process.

How do I market my customer story videos?
Customer story videos are great to market on your homepage, a dedicated page testimonial page on your site, on service pages on your site, throughout social media, landing pages, retargeting, Facebook ads, pay-per-click ads, and your email marketing.

How long is a customer story video?
A customer story video can range in length depending on the specific goals and the story we’re trying to tell. However, by in large they are typically 1- 4 minutes in total length.

What’s the difference between a customer story video and a customer testimonial video?
A customer story video is a deeper dive into that person’s experience by using visuals that are entirely or predominantly them going through the process. It can include other lifestyle shots or reenactments to better illustrate their personal experience and journey.

A customer testimonial uses a similar style to the interview and structure, however it uses visuals in which the person is not in the video area predominantly existing content. They visuals support the content but are not directly of the individual speaking in the video.  

Creating a great video is only one side of the success coin. The other and equally important part is marketing the video online to maximize the amount of exposure to your target audience and leverage it with everything you’re doing online. Below are a few different video marketing strategies we recommend to all of our clients:

As you primary Business Promo Video, this should be clearly displayed on your homepage above the fold so it is clearly visible to viewers. There are layout iterations you can test based on your market and the overall design of your website, however, by in large you want to make sure the video has a clear hierarchy of importance on your site.

As an alternative design to having the video on your homepage, you can have a “Video Background” which is a looping video that plays in the background of your site. Then you simply have a button that says “Watch Video” in which a video player would pop-up and enable the viewer to watch your video.

About Us Page:
A lot of visitors want to know about you and your business, so naturally, the about us page is where they are going check out. Having your main business promo video placed on the top of the page creates a clear hierarchy of importance and will help increase the number of views, which in-turn aids to connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Side Bar of Website:
Customers are coming to your site other than a Google Search or typing it indirectly. They could land on a service page, blog post or other areas of your site other than your homepage. In that case, that’s why you want to make sure that you have your video or series of videos shown on the sidebar or footer of your website.

These wayss, viewers are able to get an array of opportunities to watch your video and get to know what makes you unquietly different an why they should work with you specifically.

Video on Facebook gets more shares, likes and comments. So, make sure to post your videos on social regularly and have it as a essential piece of content on your page. You can have a separate video on the header of your Facebook page, schedule regular posts of your videos, and ask questions to create a dialog.

You can even create Facebook specific formatting and make the video square in size making it taller than a traditional widescreen video player – giving you space on the top and bottom for content. Here, you can add your logo to the top and the bottom provide and offer, ask a question, or run a special promotion.

Did you know that you can add video to your profile? But not just your profile, everyone on your team can also have your videos on their page. So, as you and your team are connecting with other people and they are viewing your profile they’ll have exposure to your video and get to learn more about your business, what makes you different and how you help your customers.

Email Marketing:
Do you send out emails to a list of customers? What about email reminders or educational based content? Regardless of what it may be, putting the word [VIDEO] will help increase your open rate and having an animate gif or video image can help in open rates.

So when you’re promoting a new product or service, guiding the customer through some FAQs or educating on the process, make sure to integrate your video content with your email marketing.

Having you video on YouTube is one of the first steps in getting your videos on your site and other parts of the web. Ideally, you’ll want to have an array of videos so you can start to build a library of content both educational and informational about your business.

In that case, you’ll want to create a YouTube branded channel. This way the account is tied to the owner or founder but the login is separate from their personal Google content, which allow administrators to help in the uploading and optimization process.

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