Ideal length for your video based on the size of the screen

Ideal length for your video based on the size of the screen

Part of a strong marketing approach is determining how you’re going to use these videos and where they’re going to go. This is imperative when creating your videos because it will determine how long your video should be and how it should be formatted.

An easy guideline to follow when determining the length of your video is the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. The larger the screen the longer the attention span of the users.

Today we’re going to break down the different sizes and the appropriate video length for each one.


A desktop will be the largest screen apart from TV. People viewing videos on a desktop will be more willing to dedicate a longer period of time to watching your video.

Content people will view on a desktop are videos on YouTube and research for specific services and products.


Laptops are more accessible and can be used on the go, like on the bus, in between meetings, or used for casual browsing. Individuals on their laptop on average will have a longer attention span but not as long as one on a desktop.

Users will be in and out of various tabs, so while they are ready to take in content, you need to be able to get to the point before they lose interest and move on to another task.

Cell Phone

We all know that cell phones are the most accessible, as we keep it on us almost 24/7. We use our cell phones for brief entertainment breaks or to look up information to give us a quick answer to a question we might have.

People browsing on social media have a short attention span — you are competing with a plethora of content so it’s important to grab their attention and get to the point.

Individuals visiting websites on their phone, are more than likely doing so because they have a specific question or need, they’re trying to resolve. So again, get straight to the point and provide as much information in a brief amount of time.

Lasting remarks

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