How Your Business Video Can Benefit from Captions

How Your Business Video Can Benefit from Captions

Videos are a powerful way to engage and attract viewers. According to Social Media Today, 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of those watch every day. Also, 72% of customers prefer learning about a product or service through a video. We know that video marketing is impactful, but how can you boost your own video amongst the rest?

An easy way to boost your video across various platforms are captions! Captions, or subtitles, are a display of text on whatever is being said during the video. This is an accessible way to add that extra ‘oomph’ to your videos with no additional costs and minimal effort.

So why are captions important, and what can they really do to enhance your video? Today, we’re going to break it down and give you an answer.

What Are the Benefits?

Through some research, we were able to find the core reasons why captions can be so effective. Just by adding captions alone, you make your video more accessible to others, increase engagement and optimize SEO.


By adding captions, you open up your video to be viewed by a bigger market. Many Americans have trouble hearing. In fact, 37.5 million American adults are deaf or reported some loss of hearing. The absence of captions excludes those millions from being able to take in your content.

In addition to the deaf community, captions give non-English speaking viewers a chance to view your video as well. With the help of captions, you’re now able to include many more communities to your audience. Having a visually stunning video is important, but making your video accessible gives you a huge advantage over your competitors.


It’s been proven that adding captions boost engagement metrics! Let’s check out some stats:

Facebook reports that videos with captions:
· Can increase view time by 12%
· Are liked 10% more often
· Commented on 29% more frequently
· Shared 26% more frequently

Multiple reports have shown that up to 85%of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off!! These are a few statistics that show just how captivating closed captions can be. Bold words added to your video is just another way to grab an internet user’s attention.


SEO, or search engine optimization, should be top of mind for any business. Well, captions help with that too! Again, closed captions are transcribing your video and inputting that text onto screen. When you transcribe your video, take that text and include it in your video description. This will allow search engines to rank your video higher because you provided text that can hold key words.

With today’s technology, we now possess tools that analyze transcripts for specific words. They catch keywords that are frequently used in any given video; this makes it easy for the search engine to know, generally, what your video topic is about and process it accordingly.

Last Remarks

There are various ways to go about implementing captions to your videos. YouTube and Vimeo provide auto-generated captions with standard white lettering and black background. However, YouTube admits that they are generated using an algorithm and not always accurate.

At Mosaic Media Films, we go in ourselves to transcribe and create captions. We find comfort in knowing that we don’t have to be weary of the mistakes an auto-generator may or may not make. With that said, we double and triple check to make sure they are accurate! Be sure to have multiple people review before putting your video online.

Captions are proven to create an impact for your video and business. This is just another step you can take to boost your video even further.

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