How Your Business Can Benefit from Internal Video Use

How Your Business Can Benefit from Internal Video Use

It’s been said again and again how great videos are for promoting your business and engaging with customers. If you have a business promo or a commercial, I’m sure you’ve seen the increase of click-through rates and product sales. We know video is great for external use, but do you know the benefits a video can have for internal use? Video is a great tool for strengthening internal communication for your business.

Today we’re going to break down how your employees can benefit from internal videos!

Onboarding Process

Getting new employees is exciting for your company and for them! To keep that momentum up, you want your onboarding process to be engaging. New member training can be dragged out and dull. When that happens, employees can lose interest and lower morale. Using a training video that has elements of animation, footage and music can be extremely effective. It increases retention rates and can eliminate uncertainty.

In addition to training videos, it’s important for new employees to understand your company’s brand. Instead of a long PDF that outlines your company’s values, a video is extremely more effective. You can use a video to share the company’s story and what your mission is. It can also break down how your business operates on a day to day basis and map out how your team accomplishes their tasks. This is a great way to rally your new teammates!

Improve communication to your remote teams

As your business starts to expand, it can be difficult to maintain communication to your remote teams.

If your employees primarily work remote, it can be challenging to find times to meet in person. Using emails and phone calls as sole communication forms can lead to the sharing of wrong information or loss of important messages. By making a single video that can be shared amongst your team, it ensures everyone is getting the right information in a timely manner. Once that video is sent out on a given topic or training, you can then open it up for dialogue and work from there.

Generating a game plan

If your company is launching a new product/service, has an event coming up, or creating a new campaign, it’s important that your team is fully on board. To do that, you can create a video that fully educates them on everything they need to know. This education will allow your team to feel confident about this new project and help them generate quality work for it.

Once you have a video that educates them on this new launch, you can follow that up with the game plan. The video would outline the goals for the new launch and how they can execute it.

Traditionally, you would send out all this information in a mass email. That usually means a lot of reading for your employees, and let’s face it, they will more than likely skim it over and possibly miss something important. With video it will properly inform your employees and also generate excitement around the new launch or campaign!

End of Year Wrap Up

It’s important to keep morale up within your teams. You want your employees to feel appreciated for the hard work they have contributed. A fun way to do that is making a highlight video. You can showcase all the highlights your team has had in the past year and put the spotlight on them. In this video you can outline what goals were accomplished and the success they’ve achieved. Inherently, you can use this video to be shown on your website as well. This is a fun way to show off your employees and your business’ achievements!

Lasting Remarks

These are just a few ways your business can benefit from video internally. Say goodbye to lengthy emails and dry learning manuals. Use video to reach your team and accomplish your goals!

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