How To Upload Your Video to Facebook

How To Upload Your Video to Facebook

Kon Karampelas HUBofEFQ6CA UnsplashUploading a Video to Facebook:

Uploading a video to Facebook is a great way to increase engagement on your business page, personal page and through ads. Let’s take a look at the simple steps you can take to start showcasing your videos on Facebook:

Posting to your personal page: 

For a post to your personal facebook page, simply navigate to your page, and start a post the select on the photo/video button. A window will pop up asking you where your video is at.   Just like you would with a photo navigate to the folder on your computer where your video file is at. When you originally download the video from dropbox you should have saved it in a spot that was easy for you to find.   Once your video is selected it will automatically start to process. Now is a great time to write something on the post. You can encourage sharing, talk about the video, encouraging a share or asking a question.  Make sure to tag anyone that was featured in the video as well. 

Posting your video to your business page:

Posting your video on your personal page is very similar however, the layout is a little different. Just navigate to your business page and start a post. Then, select the first option “upload photos/videos.” Navigate to where the video file is on your computer, select it and choose “open.”   While the video is processing, you can give it title and description. Make sure to tag people that were featured in the video.   Posting your video to Facebook is as easy as posting an image, make sure to write engagement content in your description and always respond to comments.  Learn more about video production following that link.