How To Market Your Videos On Your Website

How To Market Your Videos On Your Website

Once you have you video player picked out, uploaded the file to the platform the next thing is determining where you’re going to have your videos on your site. Let’s take a look at the different types of videos and we’ll walk through the ideal places to have them. You can also learn more about how to pic a video player here.

Business Promo Video:

Your business promo video is your flagship video that talks about who you are, what you do and what makes you different. This video is best to have on your home page, above the fold. Because your home page is going to get most of the traffic to your site, it’s ideal to have it front and center so it gets maximum exposure.   In addition to that, put your video on your contact page as well. 

Service Video:

If you have specific service videos that go into greater detail about a service you offer it’s incredibly important that you put that video on that service page. For instance, the Austin Shoe Hospital has a “heel repair service” so naturally they’re going to put the heel repair video at the top of that specific service page. 


FAQ videos are great to answer those common questions that come up. Ideally, you want to put these on a dedicated FAQ page and include them on any other relevant pages. One of our clients Austin Dental Spa has a cosmetic dentistry page – along with that are FAQs that ask, how much does it cost and is it going to hurt.   Make sure to include these FAQ videos on that page as well so viewers don’t have to navigate somewhere else to get their answer.

Testimonial Videos:

Testimonial videos are incredibly powerful and should be leverage all-around your site. Make sure to include them on your home page, on relevant service pages, on a dedicated testimonial page, and on your contact page. 


You can also include your videos on the sidebar navigation throughout your site to promote all different types of your videos to maximize exposure of each one that’s relevant to your customer. 


With every video you have, consider writing a blog post on each one. Talk about why the video was created, what was discussed in it or transcribe it for the post. Of course, make sure to include the video at the top of each blog post.