How to Embed YouTube Videos On Your Site

How to Embed YouTube Videos On Your Site

Once you’re videos are created putting them on your website should be one of your top priorities.  Don’t worry, it’s actually easier than you might thing and I’ll walk you through exactly what to do step by step.  For more information just like this one you can check out more from Mosaic Media Films.  

 Step 1: Download Video:

First things first, once we’ve finalized the video and it’s approved, we’ll send you a link to download the video file. Once it’s on your computer’s hard drive the step step is getting it onto YouTube.

Step 2: Upload to YouTube:

 With the video file on your computer, the next step is simply uploading it to youtube. If you don’t have a Youtube account, you’ll want to stop here and  set one up. Make sure to watch the video or read the blog post called, “How to create a branded YouTube Channel.”

Now, just login and click on the camera icon with a plus on it. Then select “Upload Video” From there , just hover over the arrow in the middle and click.  A window will open up and you just need to navigate to where the video file is at on your computer.

Select open and it will automatically start uploading to YouTube.

 Once it’s uploading you can optimize your video with a title, tags and description. If you want to learn more about this process make sure to watch the video or read the blog post on, “optimizing your video for YouTube.”

 Step 3: Embed on site.

With the video securely on YouTube the final step is embedding it on your site. Depending on your website platform will depend on how you embed it. Since wordpress is the most common platform we’ll dive into that.

Navigate to your video and click on the “share” button directly below the player. When the window pops up just click on the embed button on the left, then copy the code.

With the code copied, just go to your wordpress admin and navigate to the page you want the video to be in. Most WordPress Sites have a Visual Editor like Elementor, Divi Forms or Visual Composer. All of which work off elements making it as easy as drag and drop.

We’re using divi forms and right here is where we want to add our video. So we’re just going to simply click on “add element” then select CODE. Now we just copy the code and we’re all set!

Once we save our changes you can see how the video showed up on the site. 

I hope this video had been helpful on how you can embed your YouTube video on your site. If you have any question please feel free to give us a call or contact us.