Green Screen or Not to Green Screen

Green Screen or Not to Green Screen

To green screen or not to green screen, that is the question. Since we have that cliche line out of the way let’s talk about the advantages/disadvantage of a green screen and if it’s a good fit for your business.   When done properly a green screen can turn a boring background into something more dynamic giving the ability to easily add text, graphics and animation to enhance the viewers experience. Here are a couple great reasons to use a green screen on your next video project

To Green Screen:

Special Graphics

If you’re planning on adding text, images or even animation a green screen is ideal. By removing the natural background and either moving to the side or other areas of the space you have a lot of screen real estate to showcase any graphics that would help illustrate the content you’re talking about.  With some creative layering and animation you can even have images or text appear like they are moving behind you or have a virtual set. xt

Horrible Background

Setting up a green screen in the living room with a talking head is sometimes a lot easier then trying to find a perfect place in the house that doesn’t have irrelevant distractions. The green screen is a great way to eliminate the clutter so the viewers can focus on the person and the content. Even if you don’t use graphics having a textured or colored background can help keep the viewers attention on the person and not the photo of “Grandma” in the background.

NOT to Green Screen

Bad Lighting

One of the keys to making an effective green screen is the lighting. You have to evenly light both the green screen and the on-screen talent so the editing process stress-free. If you don’t do this properly you will spend tons of time trying to take the green out of the background and probably end up with a very bad image with a lot of magenta in the face or even blurred/serrated edges on your talent. Both of which look awful and provide a very unprofessional look. 

Bad Software

Most editing software comes with green screen filters but if they are not powerful enough and you have bad lighting it’s a recipe for disaster. If you’re doing a lot of green screen consider investing in a better editing program or some plug-ins that can do a more effective and faster job. If you’re able to save 10 min. editing for each one of your weekly videos then the software will pay for itself with the increase in production in no time. 

Understanding whether you should or should not use a green screen is first step in the process. If you’re planning on some special graphics or are faced with bad looking background then making an investment in good lighting and editing software is a must. Without these added tools that make your workflow smoother re-consider using a green screen and scout a location that would be better suited for your project.