How Video Can Help Grow Your Dental Practice

Your Life’s Work Deserves An Amazing Video

End to end video production and video marketing to help you, connect with new patients, increase sales and build your practice

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How It Works

Three Steps to Your Success With Video

Step One: Planning

We’ll plan a story-based approach with you that focuses on conversion

Step Two: Production

We’ll professionally film & edit stylized videos for your business

Step Three: Marketing

We have an optional turn-key marketing solution to help with search & sales

Mark Wonderlin did a beautiful job capturing our patients’ stories. In his editing he created a story that reflected our genuine care, depth of knowledge and concern for the health of our patients. Mark was professional and fun to work with from the preparation to shooting the film to the final editing. We enjoyed working with Mark and would highly recommend him!

Dr Barron Testimonial Image

Elyse Barron, DDS

Mark Wonderlin did a series of videos for Austin Dental Spa last Summer, to upgrade ones that were 7-8 years old on our website. He was professional, prepared, and did a great job coaxing testimonials out of several patients. Then his editing work to piece together a storyline left us with a great series of videos. I highly recommend him, and will use him again!

Dr Sweeney- Testimonial

Dr. Mark Sweeney
Austin Dental Spa

I wasn’t a big fan of being on camera, but the team and Mosaic Media Films made everything very easy and I’m very happy with the way the video turned out.


Dr. Kris Owens
Owens Periodontist

We do a lot of SEO and once we added the video to our page, we immediately saw an up-tick in the number of contact forms we’d get from our website.


Dr. Robert Machen
Dental Implants of Austin

Your life’s work deserves better than “Good Enough”


Good Vs Great
A poorly produced video can negatively effect the perception of your company. Viewers subconsciously see a poor representation of your brand, and equate that to your actual services. It may be more cost effective to get a cheap poorly produced video at first, but it’s detrimental to your overall brand image and growth.


Once you have an series of amazing videos, the next step is leveraging them with your existing marketing both online & offline. In this quick guide to video marketing you’ll learn 7 powerful strategies and best practices for marketing your video for success.

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The Power of Video

The Silver Bullet of Marketing


Video allows viewers to connect with you, the experience from customers and your unique approach all which helps increase the speed of trust.


When optimized correctly, video is 50% more likely to show up in search – giving you more leads, more opportunity and an increase in overall sales.


When video is done correctly it outperforms and enhances every form of online marketing such as SEO, Ads, Social Media, Blog and more.


9- Part Story Structure

Our proprietary story structure helps you engage, educate and convert.

We Know Marketing

Our proprietary story structure helps you engage, educate and convert.

Beautiful & Affordable

We create agency quality work at a fraction of the cost

Cinematic Approach

We’re not just creating “videos” we’re developing stories that connect

Non-intimidating Crew

We have fancy gear, but we don’t believe in overkill that’s intimidating and overwhelming.

Simple & Streamlined

We’ve developed a simple 3-step process to getting your videos created and online

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