Client Spotlight l Nadine West

Client Spotlight l Nadine West

Pretty in Pink!

Going to the mall to shop is so last season!! Nadine West is revolutionizing shopping. Each month, you can be surprised by a pretty pink package, with outfits inside specially catered to you!

About Nadine West:

Nadine West sends you a variety of outfits based on the results of your style quiz. In the comfort of your home, you try on each item to decide what you like. You pay for what you keep and send back what you don’t like. Based on what you keep each month, their experts learn more about your style and apply it to the next batch of clothes they send you. Best of all, it’s super affordable and saves tons of time not having to shop all over town!!

This allows fashionable women with a busy schedule to stay on trend and continue to grow their wardrobe without having to physically shop in stores. Plus, who doesn’t like monthly surprises wrapped in pink? The more you continue to shop with Nadine West, the more tailored the outfits become to your style. Each item ranges from $10 – $30 — and there’s no service fee.

Mosaic Media Films & Nadine West Partnership:

We get the opportunity to work closely with this company! Just like the customers, each month we pick up a new set of outfits already stylized with accessories and complementary clothing items unique to each outfit. From there, we stage each outfit with props and strategic lighting to create chic, fresh pictures.

After sending the photos off, we see what outfits are performing well and getting the most engagement. We then take those outfits and create unboxing videos! This is a chance for us to really show off the items and allow the customer a closer look.


Nadine West – Unboxing Video from Mosaic Media Films on Vimeo.


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