Client Spotlight | Maverick

Client Spotlight | Maverick

“Rebuild, Recharge, Rejuvenate”

Maverick is a group of like-minded industry leaders and visionary creators. Being a successful entrepreneur takes endless hours of hard work and relentless dedication. These individuals have dedicated their lives to their business and industry. That kind of dedication can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. Maverick gives their members the opportunity to part take in a once-in-a-lifetime retreat. At these retreats they get the chance to collaborate and explore different creative outlets. They also focus on personal improvement and emotional/mental healing with growth sessions and various excursions.

Maverick and Mosaic Media

We have had the amazing opportunity to accompany these entrepreneurs and document these extraordinary retreats. We listened to the goals that Maverick wanted from these videos and took the time to understand the members. From there we used multiple-camera techniques, stylized editing and *critical music selection to curate some amazing highlight videos.

Our main goal was to really encompass the brand of Maverick and the energy that exudes during these trips. We have created a series of videos for them over the past years and continue to travel with the Maverick members. These travels have taken us to Kenya, just recently Costa Rica and in April back to Necker Island!!

Highlight Videos

Maverick uses these highlight videos to give to the members of each trip and to advertise to potential prospects. In these highlight videos we not only showcase the beautiful country we’re in, but the individuals’ adventures as well. When they look back on the video, we want to generate the same feeling they felt while on the trip, and for others watching we want to show off what this company can offer to their members.

Lasting Remarks

Check out their website for more information! If you liked their highlight videos and interested in one for yourself, reach out!

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