Client Spotlight : BioPact Technology

BioPact labs are making valiant efforts in the medical field that can possibly make Chemo Treatments a thing of the past. BioPact hopes that this new blend of technology and science will ease Cancer patients of the physical and emotional discomfort that’s been inflicted on them from this dated treatment. 

Mosaic Media Films got a first-hand look at this cutting-edge technology. It was our pleasure to capture the passion and innovation from these scientists and translate it to screen.


BioPact’s current focus has been on developing the world’s first truly-universal intracellular delivery vehicle, MGMR. This unique cellular-engineering tool can work with molecular cargo or on it’s own. To break it down, MGMR is used as transport system, i.e. a car, and then drives into the cell with cargo to fulfill its duty of delivering genetic materials, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, and other molecular cargos. MGMR has the potential to overcome challenging obstacles located in the cells.



This shoot was especially important to us because of the dedication of CEO and Founder, Kurt Swogger. He shared his brother’s story of battling cancer and starting his third round of Chemo Treatments. He spoke on the grueling process and pain inflicted upon his brother and family from these dated treatments.

We had a lot of fun working with BioPact and creating this video. We had to step up to the plate with the challenge BioPact presented to us. We collaborated our efforts into our latest animation process. We took their latest technology that was happening below the cell surface and translated it into a vibrant visual to allow our audience to fully understand.