Best Social Media Platforms to Post Your video

Best Social Media Platforms to Post Your video

Social media is a great marketing tool for all businesses and pairing it with a high-quality video can be incredibly powerful. We’ll go over some social media platforms you can use to show off your video and break down the differences of each one.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform, so it makes sense that you would want to upload your video here. If you have multiple videos you can also create custom playlists to organize your content for your viewers.

Uploading your video to YouTube makes it incredibly easier to share as well. You can copy that link and share it with your friends/customers through text message or include it in an email marketing campaign. We also recommend including the link in Facebook posts to attract more views and engagement!


Instagram is all about the visuals! Users one this app are looking for eye-catching content while they scroll through their feed, so this is a great platform to feature your video. Instagram is a bit different than Facebook. On Facebook, the length of videos can range from 1 minutes to 5 minutes, or even longer. That’s not the case with Instagram. Videos on this platform shouldn’t exceed 1-2 minutes.

We recommend only showing a portion of your video to act as a teaser. In the comment, you can include where they can go to watch the full-length, “click link in bio to check out the full video!” You can also create videos specifically for socials where it’s only 30 seconds or a minute.


Facebook is a great platform to keep your followers up to date on your business and build brand awareness. In addition to your website, Facebook can serve as one of your main online presences by creating events for your business, sharing any updates, and uploading content.

By posting your video on Facebook, you expose your video to a large audience where they can engage by liking, sharing and commenting. Don’t be scared to share your video multiple times on Facebook! Only a portion of your followers will see it from your first post, so by posting it periodically more people get a chance to view and engage!


Pinterest is often overlooked for posting video, but this is a great platform to utilize in your marketing strategy. Pinterest has over 291 million monthly active users* who are looking to be inspired and share ideas.

This platform is centered around generating and organizing ideas. On Pinterest you can create various mood boards and categorize them however you please. It’s important to keep this in mind when uploading a video. before posting, think about the target audience for this video and what category it might be pinned for.

Pinterest users are looking for content that is aesthetically pleasing, so by picking out the right thumbnail, you can attract a large audience. Talk about mood boards*


Redditt is another platform that is often overlooked but can be a great tool to use.
Redditt is a good platform to test out your creative content and see how it is received before going into your marketing campaign.
Instead, be creative and pay close attention to how your content is received. Save your promotional stuff for your online ad campaigns. Instead, keep your Reddit content creative, educational or amusing, and valuable for your target community.

Closing Remarks

Make the most out of your videos and leverage them in multiple ways by posting them across these platforms. Having video on your social platforms will lead to more engagement and increase brand awareness.

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