7 Essential Ways to Market Your Video

7 Essential Ways to Market Your Video

Are you considering video marketing for your business? Great! 

Maybe you want to see how it will help you and how it will increase sales conversion. After all, you want to make sure your video gets a positive ROI for you and your life’s work! Let’s break down 7 essential ways to market your video that will help you in the long run. 

Tip 1: Put The Video on Top of Your Homepage 

Your homepage gets the most views, so naturally, you want to showcase your main promo video where it will get the most views. 

Tip 2: Post your video on multiple social media platforms AND post them often

According to adquadrant.com, videos have a 30% increase in conversion on Facebook so it makes sense to post your videos on your social platforms often. 

Tip 3: Optimize for search and Youtube to increase search traffic 

You are 50x more likely to show up in search from a video than you are from just text. Youtube is owned by Google, so video is prioritized in search to help show relevant videos about the content people are searching for. 

Tip 4: Put video on your company blog and email campaign 

People may not go directly to your homepage on your website, so email campaigns and blogs are a great way to use your video as something to talk about. According to GetResponse, just having the word “VIDEO” in your email subject line increased open-rates by 27%. 

Tip 5: Use video to solidify referrals to increase the speed of trust 

Clients may have a hard time getting to know you through solely the images and texts on your website. A well-crafted video helps increase the speed of trust and can help them get to know you before they know you. 

Tip 6: Use your awesome video for sale pitches and presentations 

What would normally take 10 minutes to explain in person can be done in a carefully crafted 2-minute video. A video helps explain your strategy and your vision in a way that cannot be done any other way. 

Tip 7: Promote your video on mailers to act as a transitional piece to your digital content 

Whether you send postcards, mailers, or brochures… make sure you are also highlighting your videos. This is an opportunity to transition to a rich media experience that isn’t always possible with traditional images and text. 

Closing Remarks

We know you might have more questions about how to effectively market your video.  Feel free to reach out! 

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