5 Tips to Choosing a Great Video Company

5 Tips to Choosing a Great Video Company

High-quality video is a powerful marketing tool — we’ve seen our clients have an increase in engagement, sales and overall awareness of their brand with the use of video.

If you too, are looking to enhance your brand and meet your marketing goals with video then you need to choose the right production team. There are many options out there and we want you to feel confident when making your decision. We have provided some tips to help you make the best decision.

Tip 1: Video gear isn’t that important

Yep, we said it! Video gear isn’t that important.

It’s not the wand, but the wizard — Creating compelling videos is a craft and it takes a specialist to create a compelling product. Don’t get me wrong, the proper video gear is necessary, but this shouldn’t factor into your final decision.

If a video team is talking more about gear than storyline and marketing, then you’re probably talking to the wrong team.

Tip 2: Find someone who understand the marketing side of video

At the end of your production process you have a gorgeous video that represents you and your business! But now what? If no one sees your stunning video, then it’s not going to accomplish your marketing goals.

It’s imperative to work with a production team that understands the marketing side of video. If the team you’re working with establishes how you can gain views and leverage your video in multiple ways, then you are probably with the right team!

Tip 3: find a company that shows passion for your business

We’ve seen amazing videographers and editors who are passionate about what they do, but unfortunately, that passion doesn’t extend past their realm of video. Find someone who is equally passionate about YOU and your business, as they are for video.

How can you tell? Pay attention to the questions they ask. Are they asking about your story and how you envision the video to look like, or are they primarily talking about what shots THEY want to get and how THEY envision telling the story?

Pay attention to how they talk about their past clients to get an idea of how dedicated they are to their customers. Which brings us to tip #4!

Tip 4: check reviews

The first thing I do before checking out on Amazon, is looking at those reviews. You should do the same for a video production company too!

Look at their google reviews and see what their past clients said their experience was working with them. Don’t be afraid to ask for past customers’ email so you can contact them directly and ask.

Not only you should look at their reviews, but their previous work as well. Every video company has a different aesthetic, by the way they use lighting, how they edit and style their shots. Compare and see what company’s style you like for you and your business the best!

Tip 5: find someone who you will enjoy working with

The final tip and most important: Find a team you’ll have fun working with! From the first meeting to shooting the video to creating the final product, you will be working with this team frequently and closely from anywhere to a couple weeks to a couple months.

You want to make sure their team will compliment yours well so you can produce the best results! It’s important to have high energy on set and feel comfortable with the people behind the camera.

When you’re meeting with different video teams, keep in mind their personalities and the overall tone they set.

Closing Remarks

We hope these tips will help you find the perfect video team for you! Whether it’s with us, or another video production company, we want you to feel confident that you’ve found the video company that’s a great fit for you and your business!