5 Helpful Tips for Your Email Campaign

5 Helpful Tips for Your Email Campaign

Whether you are a business owner looking to start an email campaign and need guidance or already have a solid monthly newsletter and want to improve it, you may find this blog helpful, because it’s full of some we’ve found to create an effective email campaign.

The goal for all email marketing campaigns is to generate website traffic, leads or increase engagement and awareness for your business. First and foremost, you want to make sure each newsletter has something of value to offer to your recipients. It’s also important to have interesting content and compelling visuals to attract attention to your specific email amongst the many your recipient receives.

Those are the basic foundation blocks you want to work off of. Now let’s get to some other helpful tips you can use to improve your email campaign.

Be authentic and keep your company voice in mind

People want to relate to whatever content they’re consuming. Use language that is personable and natural while also keeping the company’s voice in mind. Branding is important, and you want to reinforce that brand throughout your newsletter. If your brand is more formal, you can keep that same tone while still coming off as genuine. Relatability is vital for connecting with your audience. Your goal should be building a relationship with the people you are sending your email campaigns out to. Don’t be afraid of having some fun by adding emojis and bold colors!

Keep it short

We’re all on a busy schedule and only have so much time to review emails. Get to the point and be direct. If at the end they have any questions, include your contact so they can reach out and start a conversation. Which brings us to our next hint!

Have a clear Call-to Action

We receive a plethora of emails a day, so why should your audience care about yours? Make it clear to them what your CTA is and why it’s important.

Perhaps it’s a client highlight you want to share, a helpful hint or a discount you might be offering. Whatever it is, make it bold and clear from the beginning. At the end of every newsletter, provide links so you can direct them to where to go next.

Use visuals strategically

Gifs and images are great to use for your newsletter! It excites the viewer and directs their eye throughout the email. If you want to show off your new business videos, take screenshots or gifs from the video and include them in the email. We recommend using both gifs and images or solely gifs. Movement is more compelling because it acts as a little teaser for your video. Be sure to provide a link for them to check out the whole thing!

Check those links!

Before sending off any newsletter, be sure to check all links included and that the images and gifs you used are working.

Here is an example of one of our recent newsletters:


Right away, you see a fun gif from the new video we created to immediately capture the receiver’s attention. With just a few words, we gave our clients an update on what we have been working on and provided a clear call-to-action to watch the rest of the video!

Following that, we provided something of value to our audience with a helpful hint to help boost their videos. For us, we like to use emojis and a lax style of writing to make it more personable. Each business is different in their voice, so as long as you are representing your brand and staying genuine, you’ll receive positive feedback.

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