4 Ways to Keep Viewers Watching Your Video

4 Ways to Keep Viewers Watching Your Video

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]One of the primary goals of creating an online video is having people watch it, right? When more people watch it, the video will typically yield more sharing, trust, and conversion. So how do you keep a viewer’s attention on your video and help ensure that they watch it all the way through? Well, here are 4 great ways to get started when it comes to creating a more “watchable” video.

#1 Compelling Content

We all hear that “Content is King” and it’s certainly the foundation of any great online video. Even if you don’t have a well edited piece, you’re more likely to get a large number of views if you have great content.  A talking head from a laptop with a Hello Kitty poster in the background doesn’t scream professionalism, but if what you’re talking about is valuable to the audience, you’re usually good to go. So make sure the content is your number one priority.

#2 Clean Audio

Audio is sometimes overlooked but viewers are more likely to watch a video with bad visuals and good sounding audio than the other way around. Making sure the levels are at the right “db” and if possible, using a separate mic for recording, are good steps towards maintaining clear/warm sounding audio.

#3 Faster Cuts

Have you ever watched MTV? Yeah, of course you have.  Whether it’s a music video or the latest controversial reality show, MTV is known for making fast cuts throughout. When it’s a dialog between two people, there are 4-6 different angles being cut to during the conversation. We don’t all have the luxury or time of having a 6 camera set-up but try the “MTV Rule” and cut more frequently between shots to create the illusion that things are moving faster, which in turn will make it seem shorter. The change in shots makes the user blink, stimulating their vision which can help maintain their attention longer.

# 4 Don’t Ramble

We are all guilty of trying to tell a story and giving too much background information or taking too long to get to the point. Just like Twitter limits you to 140 characters, limit yourself by getting to the point as quickly as you can. If you do need to provide a little background information, keep it to a sentence or two and move on-to the primary talking points.

One of the main reasons for creating an online video is because you want people to watch it. By creating compelling content with clear sounding audio, making faster cuts to keep the viewers’ attention, and sticking to your main talking points, you’ll have the ideal combination for a successful video that is more likely to get watched all the way through.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]