4 tips on Optimizing your Video on YouTube

4 tips on Optimizing your Video on YouTube

When your videos are completed, one of the first steps is getting it on YouTube. It’s great for embedding on your site and as you create more video content having a brand channel and optimizing it is another way to get leads. Here are 4 tips on optimizing your video for search, so users looking for the content you’re producing can be more easily found. To learn more call Mosaic Media Films: Video Production Company

Tip #1 Title

Use Keywords in your title that are consistent with your topic. You can use the YouTube Keyword tool to give you a better handle on how people are searching for video. Keep in mind that people search differently for video than they do on Google, so be mind-ful to hot words like, “How To”  “Official” of ‘BEST” all of which can help you reach a more targeted audience.


Tip #2 Link to Your Site

When people do find your video you want to make it as easy as possible to discover more about you and your brand. The first thing you should do is list is the full http://www address of your site/blog in the description area when you’re uploading your video. This way viewers can easily click on the link to learn more about you. And by having it listed as the first line in the description it will never be hidden in the “more info” area of the description. If you have a facebook and/or twitter account do the same directly below your site/blog address. Not only does it make it easy for people to discover more about you it also helps as SEO linking strategy.  

Tip #3 Tags

These are sometimes overlooked but can be a helpful way for users to find your video. Again, use the keyword search tool for recommended tags to ensure that you’re being showcased for the topics and information you’re talking about in your video. 

Tip #4 Good Looking Thumbnail

Add a custom thumbnail that best represents your content and use one of the most compelling frames. If it’s educational then make sure to add text to your thumbnail as that will attract viewers from other related videos.

By taking advantage of the YouTube Keyword tool you’ll have a better understanding on how to title and tag your video. Couple that with links back to your home page and social sites and you’ll make it easier for viewers to find out more about you and aid in your SEO strategy. Combine those with a good looking thumbnail and you’ll be on your way to being discovered more frequently with these simple optimizing tips.

If you have any questions on YouTube optimization or want our team to do this for you make sure to give us a call at 512-607-5533 or email us.