4 Major Reasons Why Video should be in your Marketing Mix

4 Major Reasons Why Video should be in your Marketing Mix

So what are you doing for Marketing? E-mail campaigns, SEO, Coupons, Optimized Mobile Site, and probably a slew of other things like Facebook, Twitter and the list goes on…… Then you come across this article on why you should be adding yet another marketing tool to your mix,and I’m sure you’re pretty skeptical. So let’s look a four reasons why video is such a power marketing tool. 

Sales Results

The proof is in the pudding – or really it’s in the consistent conversation rates. When produced and edited properly, video has shown to have significantly higher conversation rates than virtually anything else out on the market. Forrester conducted research stating that 21% of video viewers make purchases. 26% visit the store and 21% request more information! Contrast that against a typical email champaign that yields a 2% conversation rate and you can see how powerful video can be to increase leads and sales. 

Search Results:

If you’re a business selling products or services, showing up on Google and other search sites is probably a pretty big priority. But with dozens of competitors, and with challenging ongoing SEO tactics it can be extremely difficult to constantly show up on the first few search results. And this is were video comes in: Video actually has a 50% more likelihood of showing up on Google’s first page rather than a  typically text site . So why is this? It’s because of the shear competition, only 3% of businesses actually have video on their site! Then out of that 3%: think about how many are actually creating a compelling video that represents their business in a positive light that will help convert potential customers? When produced, edited and crafted properly video can be a HUGE point of differentiation pushing you to the top of search pages and convert viewers to buyers. 

Streamline Information:

Your website is certainly the main source of information with details on services, testimonials, photos, contact info, etc… But when a prospect visits your site they have to individually take the time to review all or some of this information based on what they perceive as the most important. A video on the other hand gives you the ability to streamline all of your content and distill it down to it’s simplest form allowing a prospect coming to your site the ability to quickly learn about you, your services and how you can help them – all in less than 3 minutes! 


Every successful business owner understands the importance of relationships. Allowing potential customers to know, like and trust you is one of the cornerstones of your future success. A professionally produced video will allow them to get a better sense of who you are, the passion you have for your business and why they should invest in your products and services. 

When done properly video truly has the power to creatively tell your story on who you are, what you do, and how you can help customers. With consistent compelling data on conversion rates, excellent SEO capabilities , the ability to streamline your content and build a relationship with future customers video is a marketing tool that isn’t a should do – it’s a MUST DO!

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