4 Do’s and Don’ts: An Outfit Guide for Your Business Video

4 Do’s and Don’ts: An Outfit Guide for Your Business Video

At this point we’ve established a game plan for your video, now it’s time to film!!! We often get asked, what should I wear for filming? Here are some tips, so you can be prepared for production day!

Do Wear Something Comfortable!

Shoots can take a full day, so be sure to wear something you’re going to be comfortable in for a long time.

We suggest wearing practical shoes like sneakers, or if you plan on wearing dress shoes, make sure they’re broken in and you’ll be okay standing for long periods. For clothing, wear something lightweight and breathable. It can get warm under lights and moving around, so keep that in mind when picking out your outfit!

Don’t Wear Logos

Feel free to wear clothing with your company’s logo, besides that, try to stay away from any other logos. Large logos of other brands can be distracting in video.

Don’t Wear Busy Patterns

Just like large logos, busy patterns can also be distracting. Simple patterns like plaid and stripes are fine, but solid colors tend to look best for video.

Do Dress to Impress!

Try to stay away from gym shorts and a t-shirt, unless it’s fitting for the video. Think about what your video is trying to highlight and how you want to represent your brand. Determine if you need to dress formal or informal for your video and what’s the most appropriate.

Your appearance is a reflection of your business, so it’s important to look nice! What’s most important is you feeling confident and comfortable!


Now you’re ready to film! We hope these tips were helpful. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re looking forward to shooting with you and your team!