3 Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Keep up with Clients

3 Simple Ways to Use Social Media to Keep up with Clients

Building relationships are key, but it can be hard to maintain client relationships luckily, we have social media to help us with that! Social media is a great tool to engage with past clients and continue that relationship after you’ve completed business with them.

Tag Your Clients in Post

During your time working with clients, you can do social media posts throughout the process with fun updates. In these posts be sure to tag them! When you tag someone on a Facebook post, that post will not only notify them that they’ve been tagged but it will also appear on their feed for their friends to see. Just like Facebook, if you tag someone in an Instagram post it will also notify them so they can view and engage with it. What’s fun about Instagram stories, if you tag someone it gives them the ability to post it on their story as well!

This is a fun way to engage with your clients and show your followers what you’re up to! By showing up on your client’s feed and them reposting stories onto their account, it also increases awareness around your brand to their followers and can lead them to follow you!

Follow them on Social Media

You’ve tagged them in your social posts, now be sure to give them a follow! It’s important to know what your past clients are up to and continue to build a relationship. Just by following them you can easily do that. In the future, if you work with this client again you already have an idea of what their business is up to and how your service may have helped them.

Comment & Like

Following them is great, but to really show your support and create a personal connection, comment and like their posts! Your clients have supported you with their business and this is a great way to support theirs. By liking and leaving comments, you are furthering that dialogue and humanizing your company.

Closing Remarks

These are easy ways to solidify customer relationships and continue to provide excellent customer service.

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