3 Different Formatting Options for Social Media

3 Different Formatting Options for Social Media

When you’re thinking of getting some kind of video for your business, whether that’s a promo, FAQ, testimonial or instructional video, it’s key to come up with a solid marketing strategy. You want to determine how you’re going to use the video and where you plan on uploading it.

Social Media is a powerful marketing tool to connect and share your content. Unlike traditional video viewing platforms, like YouTube and TV, social media sites are vertically formatted for adequate viewing on your phone. If you plan on utilizing your social platforms to share your videos, you want to make sure they are properly formatted.

Today we’re going to break down three different formatting options you can choose and what their pros and cons are.

Square Format

In a square format the video will still appear in a traditional horizontal view, with a “wrapper” on the top and bottom. What’s neat about this wrapper, is we can customize it with color and graphics to match your brand.

The top part of the wrapper would be used for a compelling headline, placement of your logo or something else that helps connect with your audience. For the bottom wrapper, we recommend adding captions. Facebook says 84% of viewers don’t listen to audio, so adding captions is a great way to boost your video! What if your video doesn’t have any audio to caption? Here’s what else we can include: promotional offers, inspiring quotes, call to actions or other compelling content.

Pros: This formatting option allows you to leverage that top and bottom section for additional content. This is a great way to grab your audience’s attention while they’re scrolling through their feed

Cons: This formatting option doesn’t allow the video to take up as much space as the other two options

Split Format

Unlike the Square format, the Split option only has a bottom section. If you feel that a logo or headline isn’t necessary for your video, this is an ideal option for you.

With this option you increase the size of the video and create a more immersive feel for your audience. You can use the bottom section for captions, a call to action, promotional offer or an inspiring quote.

Pros: By eliminating the top section your video will be slightly larger and have a more simplistic look

Cons: You lose the opportunity for a title, logo or headline. This format could be less effective for grabbing your audience’s attention.

Full Vertical Format

The Full Vertical format eliminates both the top and bottom section. This frees up that extra space and allows your video to take up the entire 700×700 dimensions.

If you want to take up the most space possible on your social media platform this is the ideal format for you. Although there’s no additional space for captions or a headline, we can still add in text and animation to highlight various features and benefits.

Pros:This format allows you to have maximum space

Cons: You lose the opportunity for additional text and branding options

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