3 Creative Ways to Promote Your Video

3 Creative Ways to Promote Your Video

You made an investment in your business by getting a video done that encapsulates you and your brand. You want to leverage that video in multiple ways, so you can get the most engagement and views possible!

Some things we suggest is posting your video multiple times on your social media platforms and putting in on your business’ home page above the fold. In addition to that, we’re going to share 3 creative ways you can also share your video!

Including link in email signature

If you have an email signature, it probably includes your contact information and maybe a link to your company’s website. In addition to that information, include a link to where the receiver can go to view your video. Make sure it’s clear that link is for your video by having something like this: [*Your business’ name* VIDEO].

At the end of your email you can also guide your recipient to the link, by saying “Check out the link in my signature below to check out our business promo video!”

Using GIFs

Another fun way to promote your video is by using GIFs! Grab a small snippet from your video and create multiple short gifs.

Gifs are often more effective than links, or even photos, because they grab the audience’s attention with movement and serve as a short preview of what they will see in the video.

You can use these gifs in your emails, social media, blog posts, website and more! When you attach a GIF make sure you 1. Provide context that the GIF is from your video and what your video is about 2. Provide a link to your video and 3. Guide the reader to where they can find that link.

By creating multiple you can use them in a variety of ways and switch them out in your emails, blogs and social posts.


Facebook is a great marketing tool to gain exposure and increase engagement. Apart from your website, your Facebook business page can serve as the primary source of news & updates pertaining to your business.

Facebook gives you the option to have video has your header. This is the perfect opportunity to place your video here so anyone who visits your page can see it. Keep in mind the dimensions might be off, and you’ll need to reformat it.

Another simple way to promote your video, is by simply tagging the individuals featured in it! By doing this the video will appear on their timeline for friends and family to view, plus they’ll be more likely to engage with the post and reshare it.

Closing Remarks

We hope these tips have been helpful! Let us know if you’ve applied them and how it worked out for you!

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