We’ll meet and plan with you either in person or on the phone, so we can better understand your business processes and create an effective shot list so filming goes smoothly and all your questions are addressed.

We’ll spend 4-6 hours filming focusing on interviews, testimonials and compelling visuals that highlight your company’s processes.

Once the filming is complete, we’ll hand craft a 1-2 min. video that tells your unique story that will resonate with viewers to create conversion.

Once the edit is completed, you’ll have an opportunity to review the video and we can make any additional adjustments as needed.

Once the video is finalized and approved, we’ll send you a web-ready format to upload to your site and YouTube.

Many clients have marketing strategies in place, and after the video is completed they utilize the video with existing marketing efforts. If that’s not the case, we also provide marketing assistance and various social and ongoing SEO campaigns to ensure your video gets maximum exposure to potential clients.