Business Promo Video

Your business promo video tells a compelling story about your customer’s journey when working with you. We want to highlight how you solve the problem or pain your customer is facing with your unique approach and the passion your have for your business and customers.

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Service Specific Video

Service Specific Video

Your service video does a deeper dive into a specific service you offer. You might have multiple services you offer that you mention in your main business promo. However, with the service video, we do a deep dive into that specific offering.

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Testimonial

Customer Story Video

We want to connect with your target audience on a deeper level, and a testimonial video is one of the best ways to do that. We tell a unique story about your customer’s challenge, experience, and the way their life has changed since working with you.

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Most companies get 3-5 questions that are asked all the time. Instead of simply typing a candid response or answering them time and time again – we create a compelling video. By responding via video, you’re able to connect to the audience better and reinforce the info with text and animation

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Product Video

Product Video

You’ve spend countless hours envisioning your product, going through tooling, iterations of prototypes, making revisions, reviewing packaging, then finally to full production. A compelling video can share that journey and/or explain the final result a customer will have when using your amazing product.

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Pump Repar

Voice Over Video

Many times it’s more effective to have a well-crafted script that tells your story instead of reliving on interviews. In this situation, we crowd-source a talented voice-over who fits the criteria of what voice will best represent your brand and product.

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Animation Video

An animation video can come in many forms. Sometimes it’s all animation with text, graphics and illustrations; other times it’s a combination of animation with your video footage. Regardless of the approach, our goal is to further educate and engage your audience using professional animation.

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_EVENT Video

EVENT Highlight Video

One of the big goals of any event or conference is to build momentum and attendance for the next one. By showcasing a fun, exciting, and enriching experience of this year’s conference you can promote next year’s event – which will result in more attendees and increase in revenue.

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Flexi Connect


Let’s face it, most instructional how-to videos are a snooze-festival. We take that as an exciting challenge and make anything you’re explaining into a compelling and informative video that will leave your audience excited to get started

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Austin_Video Production_Mosaic Media Films_Blooper Video

Blooper Video

You’re business is a serious business. But, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and have some fun then what are we really doing? With a blooper video, we have some fun highlighting the corky outtakes from the interview and shoot throughout the day.

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