[box_section title=”RESULTS:::” class=”box-sections” link=”” link_title=”” last=”no” icon=”chart-bar” size=”32″ title_size=”” ]21% of video viewers make purchases. 26% visit the store and 21% request more information. With results like these, a professional-quality video is a vital tool to showcase your company’s products and services. Study after study confirms that a well-crafted video converts shoppers into customers much more effectively than any other form of online content. [/box_section]

[box_section title=”SEARCH:::” class=”box-sections” link=”” link_title=”” last=”no” icon=”monitor-black” size=”32″ title_size=”” ]A well-optimized video is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results. As more customers find you online, your video can have a major impact on your growth. And it won’t just raise your search results game — users are more likely to ask questions, make a purchase, or visit your location after seeing your business in action. [/box_section]
[box_section title=”STREAMLINE INFO:::” class=”box-sections” link=”” link_title=”” last=”no” icon=”info-black” size=”32″ title_size=”” ]60% of online audiences watch videos  — But only 3% of sites offer video content. Use this disconnect to your advantage! Instead of forcing your online visitors to muddle through pages and pages of text and images, let us streamline your products and services into a video format. It will visually engage your customers and separate you from the pack.[/box_section]

[box_section title=”HUMANIZE BUSINESS:::” class=”box-sections” link=”” link_title=”” last=”yes” icon=”contact” size=”32″ title_size=”” ]Every successful business owner understands the importance of relationships. Allowing potential customers to know, like and trust you is one of the cornerstones of your future success. A professionally produced video truly humanizes your business and enables viewers a better sense of who you are, the passion you have for your business and why they should invest in your products and services.[/box_section]

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The Video Process

We make the process of planning, developing and deploying your video as streamlined as possible so you can focus on your business and future customers.

[toggle title=”Step One::: Plan” opened=”no” ]In this step, we’ll discover the what, why and who. As we dig into the conversation, we’ll start to develop a short list of the the things we’ll need to shoot as well as the questions and content we want to highlight for the interview. Another element that really helps are customer stories. Incorporating those in the video can have a great impact and resonate with future customers. We’ll answer any questions, provide an overview of the day, and discuss any specific elements that would ideal to highlight. Once we have a handle on our goals, we set up a shoot date based on your schedule and availability.

[toggle title=”Step Two::: Video Production” opened=”no” ]We’ll shoot cinematic HD video, ensuring you get a professional look and show your business in a positive light. Some things will be set shots but the majority of the footage will be more of a “Fly On The Wall” approach. Just interact and work with your customers as you normally do and we’ll float around capturing the experience.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Step Three::: Editing” opened=”no” ]Once the film day is complete, we’ll hand craft your unique story. We’ll carefully go through all of the audio, repairing and pinpointing the content that will be most effective in telling your story and resonating with viewers. Picking the right music will dramatically enhance the viewers experience and we’ll color grad all the footage to ensure you have a professional look that’s reflective of your business.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Step Four::: Review” opened=”no” ]Next, we’ll send you a link to your video so you can see how everything came together. We’ll make any requested revisions and once we have your approval, we’ll deploy it to the web and provide the additional marketing tools.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Step Five::: Marketing” opened=”no” ]Many clients have marketing strategies in place ,and after the video is completed, they utilize the video with existing marketing efforts. If that’s not the case, we also provide marketing assistance and various social and ongoing SEO campaigns to ensure your video gets maximum exposure to potential clients.[/toggle]

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